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Foggy's watch site
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A little about me and this site

Thanks for visiting my website. This is my first attempt, so please bear with me 

My name is Ian Fogden, and I'm a collector of watches. I'm based in the UK, and some of you may know me from some of the watch fora - my login name is Foggy.

My collection of watches doesn't have a particular theme, although I do have a keen interest in military and tool watches, so expect to see more than one black dial here 

The aim of the website is to show some of my collection and share some bits & pieces of info I have picked up over the years.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your visit. If you do, please come back and visit again. I hope to add to the site as time permits.




Links to other sites of interest

Timefactors - good quality and value watches etc. from Eddie Platts in Sheffield, UK. Look out for the PRS range of watches, including the already famous Dreadnought. Friendly discussion forum also found on site. Link to site is

RLT Watches - run by Roy Taylor in the UK, a good selection of new & vintage watches at value for money prices. Also has a watch discussion forum. Link to site is

Military Watch Resource - US based site about military watches. Can be an excellent source of information about military issued watches. Link to site is

More links when time permits 

© Ian Fogden

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